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Kalintsev Andrey Sergeevich, radar, radio navigation and communication technician (KDP object) of the ERTOS service of the Vaskovo airfield, subdivision at the Mezen station (163045, 86 Lomonosov street / 23 Vyucheyskogo street, Arkhangelsk, Russia) OTENS-1716, master degree student, St. Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation (196210, 38 Pilotov street, St. Petersburg, Russia), E-mail:
Rubtsov Evgeniy Andreevich, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor, sub-department of electronic systems, St. Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation (196210, 38 Pilotov street, St. Petersburg, Russia), E-mail: 

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Relevance and objectives. At the moment in accordance with the global air navigation plan ICAO for 2016-2030 y., continues implementation of services for data link, and at this stage, the VDL-2 data link is expected to be used as the primary data link. Infrastructure the VDL-2 data link is defined as the basis for the implementation of services, including CPDLC. When expanding the service area of data link, it is necessary to perform the analysis of the main operational and technical characteristics of radio communication systems mode VDL-2. The object of analysis of operational and technical characteristics becomes particularly relevant in the design of new civil aviation facilities, in the context of stiffening safety requirements flight, as well as the expansion of the range of services provided. The purpose of the article is to develop a methodology for calculating the working area of aviation digital radio VHF range.
Results and conclusions. The method of calculation of the working area of radio communication means is developed, taking into account the parameters of service area of radio communication VDL-2 when providing flights in the lower airspace. The conclusion is made about the need to use this method for the analysis of existing means of aviation radio, as well as in determining the position of the placement of automatic radio repeaters. 

Key words

flight safety, VDL-2, data link, ground station VDL-2, effective area, work area, lower airspace 

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